Because some clients need more of us than others

we tailor our service to suit you, sir.



Our clever pricing structure means you’ll pay a little more if you only need the odd hour now and then as against those who partake in days of our joyously calming service

each month: it’s up to you.


We can work by phone, email, text message, face-to-face, Facebook chat, telegram, post… whatever works for you. (Although someone ate all the passenger pigeons:

apparently they were quite tasty).



Henry kept trying to ignore all those parking tickets

but recently they had taken on a strange shape in his mind


Dwight D. Eisenhower

Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, WWII

34th President of the United States.


We can plan a package for you, or provide the services

as you wish on an ad hoc basis.


From the frankly quotidian to the interestingly unusual, we’re here to help

(the rest is detail, isn’t it, and we’ve already done that to death, haven’t we?)


One more reassurance: we run individual secure accounts to keep everything

tickety-boo and in its place.


Because life’s too short to take an interest in filing...


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