Well, it would probably be easier to say what we don’t do.

(Anything illegal, obviously. And trainspotting).

Over the years we’ve ridden to the rescue at improbably short notice, braved the shark-infested waters of modern customer service, and found great people in a hurry to fix, replace, or just solve. But as we said, we’re big on discretion: so we have no intention of sharing our best stories on the interwebs. Also we get the inconvenient truth that creative people are at the more unique end of the spectrum.


Creative P.A. were unfazed

by Eric’s latest whim


Duncan Fallowell

The Rise & Fall of the Celebrity Interview

Our bread and butter is pretty much what you’d expect,

from admin to zoo visits, and most parts between.

Here comes the listy bit – concentrate!


We set up offices, handle correspondence and fan mail, arrange mailouts, organised schedules and meetings, screen calls, respond to emails, do general office administration and take dictation.



We deal with Agents, pay invoices and can sort the company accounts, maintain VAT records and arrange royalty distribution payments. We source, wrap, and send out well-chosen gifts.



We sort out passports and visas, plan travel itineraries and flights including private charter, book theatre tickets, make restaurant reservations.

We interview household staff and contractors, research properties to buy or rent, and arrange house moves. We declutter, set up systems, sort out road tax, insurance, registrations, and all that jazz

(think Thelonius).

We set up auditions, liaise with the press, and deal with press night guest lists and invitations.

We sort out accreditation and security, liaise with investors, handle VIPs and their special needs.

We can help you with social media and help you

with promotions and parties.

We… (That’s enough list. Ed.) …can do it.

And if we can’t, we know someone good who can.

Because life’s too short to take an interest in filing...


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